About Us

In 2004 my husband Jesse and I moved to Florida and took on the project of building our home.  We built a beautiful 2400 square foot house and a workshop.  When the house was complete I took all my husband's tools and proceeded to make all kinds of wood stuff for around the house, mostly for the kitchen.
Almost everything I made landed in my moms house.  When mom's house was was beginning to bust at the seams I decided I had to make a choice.  Either build mom a house, stop woodworking (not!) or start selling my work. 
I opted to begin selling my work at various craft shows.  My wonderful husband tagged along with me to each and every show.  He also spent time with me in the shop creating new displays.  We displayed at church shows, Buckler Art & Craft Shows and local county shows.
In 2010 I was involved in a serious car accident which left me pretty banged up.  My injuries left me unable to work in the shop for 3 1/2 years.  Because I'm not one to sit around all day and wait for the damaged nerves to reattach, I took on a small job which involved mostly phone work.  All the time I was missing my woodworking.
During my recovery my doctors began to encourage me to start working in the shop again just a bit at a time and try to get back into it.  So I set out to do just that and created some new designs. 
I knew that I would not be able to go back to selling at craft shows and one day the storefront next to the shop I was working in became available.  I wasn't sure I could fill the shop with all my handmade items and while discussing this with the other shop owners someone suggested a pantry shop....
Ok, you can guess what happens from there....  I opened my shop officially on 1/2/2015 with a variety of my handmade items and some fun and exciting additional items for the kitchen and around the home.
Next time you're in the Cape Harbour, Cape Coral area please stop by the shop and spend some time with me.  Sometimes you may even find me doing a little finishing work in there!
The shop name is, "Our Perfect Pantry".  Our Perfect Pantry carries a combination of handmade products by myself and also a few other very talented artists.  We also have a variety of popular and unique fun things for around the home.