Full Moon Tonight!

I'm sure most if not all of you have considered the full moon to have an effect on peoples actions.

I decided to do a bit of research on the topic and found that there have been studies done on the subject.  Unfortunately the only thing these studies can agree on is that the brightness of the full moon can cause sleep deprivation which makes us do out of the ordinary things.

One study I read found that there was an increase in dog bites on the date of a full moon.  But, then a second study was done and it contradicted the first study by finding there was no difference.

Here are some of the links I read:




So when I was driving into work today and the cars in the right lane were driving 35 mph and the cars in the left lane were driving 40 mph and the speed limit was 55 mph it wasn't due to the full moon.

When the truck coming down the off ramp from the highway and I was approaching the intersection of that off ramp at the same time.   Ordinarily I would have the right of way and the truck would wait his turn.  Today the person in the truck must have not read up on full moon etiquette because he chose to ignore me and pull right into traffic.  Maybe I was wrong and that was "full moon etiquette".

I don't sell sleep masks but here's a link to a popular one on Amazon:


 So to stop the madness of the full moon we should all go out and buy masks to help us sleep at night and the full moon problems will all go away!

Enjoy your full moon, please follow proper full moon etiquette and get a good nights sleep,



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