My Favorite Pen

Jesse makes all the pens we have available.  Currently I only have them available on our shirleysworkshop and or Etsy site. 

He makes a wonderful variety of pens which are easily refillable with standard cross refills.

The pen I have pictured is my pen.  It is the first pen Jesse ever made.  Jesse made it from a piece of wood he bought for me while we were still living in Pennsylvania.  I was saving the wood to make him something special. Well, when we purchased the lathe for him to make pens with we bought him a variety of different woods to make his pens with but he decided to help himself to my special piece of wood.

The wood is called tulip wood and actually starts out as a beautiful light colored wood with pinkish grain running through it.  As you can see it ages to a gorgeous rich medium brown color and a darker brown grain pattern.

I enjoy me pen very much and use it frequently.  I've refilled it at least twice since Jesse made it for me and continue to use it. 

Some of the pens he makes are made with  acrylic and some are with a variety of wood.  I believe we even have a pen available in tulip wood on the site.

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