Glass vs Wood Cutting Boards

I just added some new glass cutting boards to the store.  The boards have a variety of different decorative designs on them.  The cutting boards have a smooth surface for easily cutting anything from meats to herbs with ease.  I also love the added area of decor for your kitchen.

Besides the glass cutting boards I also have solid Maple Cutting Boards in a variety of sizes.  And, yes I make the wood cutting boards!  Wood cutting boards require a bit more work but your knives will last longer when using a wood cutting board. 

Either board will look beautiful setting right on your countertop.  I personally enjoy the soft sound of a knife cutting a wood board as opposed to the sound of your knife on the glass board.

Both boards can be kept sanitary.  The glass boards are dishwaher safe and your wood boards can be sanitized with a wipe of vinegar or lemon.

Either board also will work great for serving your special dish although wood boards have a groove around the outside to collect the juices of your perfectly prepared meats.

The choice is yours!  Either board will look great and work well for you.  I have 6 different designs in the glass cutting boards!

Enjoy your day,


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