Ready for St Patricks Day?

I apologize that I haven't posted for a few days but unfortunately what I thought was the flu was a bit more.  I'm well on my way to recovery now.

Don't forget to decorate with your Linda Low Shamrock Sink Strainer.  I sell these in my, Our Perfect Pantry shop in both the store and I believe online also.  They fit all standard sinks, look beautiful in your sink and make a great gift if your spending the day with family and or friends.  I have many other designs available too.

I don't believe I'll be making my usual corned beef and cabbage this year but thought I'd share my favorite recipe with you:

I have made this recipe many times in the past and the corned beef is amazing.  If you have the time I recommend you try it.

Tonight is live band night here at Cape Harbour sponsored by Fathoms Restaurant and everyone is beginning to show up. 

Have a great evening,


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