I got sick!

I'm feeling almost better now.  I must have contracted a virus sometime last week.  I started feeling bad Friday and by Saturday I was well on my way to full blown lousiness. 

Saturday night I got home from work and went straight to bed.  I usually get up at 6AM every morning but not Sunday.  I can't remember how late I slept but I just continued to sleep all day Sunday.

Through all this I had orders to do.  I wasn't so concerned about spreading germs because I wear rubber gloves and a face mask when I'm in the shop.  Jesse does all the finish work which involves the final sanding and sanitizing the pieces before they are packaged and mailed.

So I managed to complete 1 order and was just too uncomfortable to finish the rest.  I emailed everyone immediately to confirm that the delay in completion would work with their timeline.  Everyone seems to be fine but had there been a problem I would have refunded them.

I usually don't offer refunds on custom orders but this would be one of those special instances where I would have no problem refunding an order.  Even though I had all the prep work completed and would have taken a loss if anyone wanted a refund.

The delay was my fault and I would have taken full responsibility.  I'm taking it easy today and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able eat some normal food.  I'll let you all know what my first meal back to healthiness is. 

Stay healthy and enjoy your day,



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