What a fun & busy day!

I had a great day today.  I was very busy meeting lots of people from various locations around the globe.  It's always fun talking with everyone, learning about different traditions and tolerable climate conditions!  Today was not my favorite type of weather!

I have lived here in Florida for over 10 years now and I suppose I may have become somewhat acclimated.  Today was cold and windy.  Ok, so it was 65 degrees but the wind was gusting at over 20 mph and the sun was nowhere in sight on our side of the building.

It's alright though because many people were ducking in the store to enjoy the warmth of the heater.  This gave me a lot of opportunities to talk with everyone and I enjoy that part of my day so very much.

I also put together a pillow display that I had received with my last pillow order:


After that was finished a Suzy Toronto order arrived so I had to get all those items on the shelves too.  The heater is a wall unit which is nestled on the wall to the right of the Suzy Toronto display.  While I was restocking the shelves I was getting quite toasty and enjoying every minute of it!

The wind is calming down now and should continue to calm down throughout the evening.

Enjoy your evening and keep warm,



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