I had to turn down an order today.

I was contacted today by a potential customer who wanted 10-11 mongram trivets by March 5, 2016.  She was having her bridal shower on that date and wanted them for her bridal party's gifts.

I unfortunately wasn't able to meet her timeline.  I felt really bad because finding that perfect gift and finding out you are unable to receive it in time for your event is so frustrating.  It sets you back to square one and again searching for another perfect gift.  I truly wish I could have accommodated her request.

The timeline for the custom made to order trivets is up to 7 days to be completed and in the mail for you.  I have a few orders in the que right now.   I stay organized by making your trivets in the order I receive the order.  During the holiday season the delay can be up to 14 days. 

For shipping I use priority mail flat rate boxes for trivets and most all other items that I ship.  I have found that if you add up the cost of the box, the packaging and the postage, the flat rate boxes are just as cost effective as shipping standard.  So I will use USPS Flat Rate boxes and get your items to you as quickly as possible.

Another suggestion for you would be to look into a Paypal account.  I believe you are able to create a personal account and access their discounted shipping rates.  With price of shipping increasing each year every little discount helps.  If you do check into it please let me know how you make out with the discounted rates on a personal account.

I have  2 post offices in my area.  1 has very friendly people but unfortunately I recently discovered that many of the packages  I was shipping from their location were arriving broken.  I only used that post office on few occasions so the pattern was easy to identify. 

Now I only use the other post office which actually works with a higher volume of mail every day.  They always take the time to check my packages to make sue they are labeled properly to arrive at their destination.  They scan in each package when I bring them in instead of those bins that some post offices have that you just drop your packages in.

Any of you coming down for half price pizza at Fathoms tonight?

Be sure to stop in,

Enjoy your evening,




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