My husband spoils me!

I have been so busy lately that I was struggling to find time to take my car in for an oil change. 

As the mileage was getting higher I decided to ask Jesse to take my car in for me.  He was very gracious about and even made the appointment.  He took my car to a local company that specializes in oil changes and.....

They said they couldn't do it because the last person to change the oil tightened the filter cap too tight and they didn't want to force it and break it.  I had the last oil change done at the dealer!  Not a dealer that I am particularly fond of but they are convenient and my frustrations are with the sales department, service has always been fine, so I thought!

Anyway, I called the dealer and explained the problem and they said I could bring it in right away.  So Jesse proceeded to the dealership.  They didn't tell me that it would take 3 hours to have it done!  The first appointment was for 1:00PM this afternoon and I called Jesse around 4:30PM and he was just getting home.

The tech at the dealership took some time to talk with him about the situation.  The technician blamed the situation on the oil change company by saying they probably didn't have the correct tool to remove the cap.  At the dealership, they always wash my car for me so I now have a clean car waiting for me when I get home.

Jesse was very gracious about the whole situation.  No Hissie Fits!  I must be feeding him well these days!



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