End Grain Cutting Boards

  There are a variety of cutting boards available today.  From glass to plastic to end grain to edge grain to top grain and probably a few more which I can't think of right now!  All boards are good with the proper care but I am partial to end grain cutting boards!

Glass boards are alright but they will dull your knives faster than some of the others. 

Plastic boards tend get deep scratches and stains over time which are fairgrounds for bacteria.  Some restaurants will use the plastic boards but they sand them down frequently and sanitize them regularly. 

Flat grain and edge grain cutting boards are also not good for you knives and they scratch easily.  They can be sanded and sanitized just as you would a plastic board.

End grain cutting boards, to me are the best choice.  With an end grain cutting board the fibers of the wood grain are standing up so when you cut on and end grain cutting board the fibers will flex slightly and give you a smoother cut and won't scratch as easily.  This being said your end grain cutting board must be made with very tight grained woods.  some examples would be Hard Maple, Walnut, Ebony, Padauk, Purple Heart and other various tight grained woods.  

Probably an even number of restaurants will use plastic and end grain cutting boards.


Some examples woods not to use on a cutting board, whether flat grained, end grained or edge grained would be Oak, Pine, Soft Maple and any of your softer woods.

When I make my boards I finish them with a mineral oil and beeswax finish.  This type finish involves repeatedly saturating the board with the mixture until it won't absorb any more.  This process only needs to be done one time.  When you receive your board, to maintain its finish all you will need to do is wipe it with vinegar or a half a lemon to sanitize it and wipe it with mineral oil or butcher block finish periodically.

End grain cutting boards are made to last a lifetime.

I made one of the basket weave pattern boards for my mother a few years and it still looks like new today.

There are probably an equal number of scientific studies that have found both end grain and plastic cutting boards to be the most sanitary.  It's your choice in the end but I am partial to end grain boards....

I have a solid Maple board in 2 different sizes which I'll be adding to the site over the next couple of days.  I'm also working on a solid Walnut board.

Enjoy your day,


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