It's Getting Warm again!

It has been cold and windy the past few days here in Southwest Florida but today it got warm again!  The high for the day was 70.5 degrees with lots of sunshine!

Valentine's Day is only a few days away.  Are you ready?  It's too late to ship anything to get to you in time.  But, if you live in the Cape Coral area you can see and purchase most of the products available on the site in our Cape Harbour shop.  I even have some handmade items in the shop that aren't on the website! 

The shop is called, "Our Perfect Pantry".  Our Perfect Pantry carries products that are fun and functional around the kitchen and home.

Our Perfect Pantry not only carries my handmade products but I also carry handmade items from other artists in the area.  I carry products from:

Kathy at Essenshea makes some wonderful body and bath products.  She has a closet sachet that has a very unique and fabulous scent.  All of Kathy's products are made with non-carcinogenic ingredients using natural & organic plant based oils and nut butters.  My favorite product is her Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm.  It tastes so yummy and if the dog accidentally gets hold of it which I've heard has happened it's completely safe!  Any one of Kathy's products would make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift.

If you're ever in Cape Coral please be sure to stop by and introduce yourself.  I'll help you with all the fun places to visit during your visit.  If it's a holiday you can be sure that Cape Harbour and Fathoms Restaurant will be sponsoring so fun event.

Enjoy your day,





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