When things don't go as planned

I was off from the store for the past 2 days and had anticipated getting a few more of the word art plaques and a few other items finished up for you.

But, as sometimes happens, things changed!  Orders started coming in for monogrammed trivets.  I was very busy completing the trivets.  Thank you to those of you who ordered them.  Some of the trivets were hostess gifts for an upcoming wedding and others were gifts for a birthday and just because.

Although I didn't accomplish what I wanted I did accomplish alot and am happy to keep busy.  We sometimes get frustrated when we don't complete our daily goals.  Daily goals are great but when we don't accomplish all of them we should always take a few moments at the end of the day and reflect on everything we did  accomplish.

Sometimes our completed accomplishments will actually outweigh what we set out to do for the day and that's always a good thing.  As long as we accomplish the must do's for the day there's always tomorrow to complete the remainder of the tasks.

Besides all the monogrammed trivets I made yesterday.  I also made a delicious White Bean Chili with biscuits.  Here's the recipe, http://allrecipes.com/recipe/13010/white-bean-chicken-chili/.  Jesse and I enjoyed it last night and I brought some for lunch today.  I also froze some for those days when I'm too busy to cook.

I did get a few dog butts cut and hope to have those finished and up on the site by the beginning of next week.




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