Sunny Florida is not so sunny today!

Happy Saturday everyone!

If I decided to make wooden umbrellas today would be the perfect day to test them out.

Years ago when my brother moved to Florida he would always tell me it never rained in Florida.  He lived on the east coast at the time and even though I didn't believe him I let him think I did.

Some days when we would be talking on the phone I would hear the rain in the background.  When I asked about it he would always remind me that it never rains in Florida.

10 years ago when I moved to Florida also my brother asked me some of the reasons I chose to live in Florida and I reminded him that it never rains in Florida!

We are now in the "dry season" when it isn't supposed to rain much.  So far our year to date total is 11.61 inches. Average rainfall for January and February combined is approximately 4 inches.

It's wet here!  The temperatures are cooler but they're still not as bad as the northern temperatures.  

I hope you all are in dry place today and enjoying your day,


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