Wall Hanging Dog Butt Lease Holder isn't just for leashes!

These dog Butt Leah Holders are so cute and so much fun to make!  I don't have a dog though so I decided they would be good for so many other things. 

How about as a towel holder in your kitchen or bath, a coat/hat rack, necklace holder or forget the dog and use it for the cats leash.

Each one is made from select pine wood and finished with a few coats of clear varnish.  I offer 3 sizes: a single butt, a 2 butt hanger and a 3 butt hanger.  Currently I'm out of the single and 2 butt hangers but they are on the workbench waiting to be cut.

I am also planning to make some painted ones.  I'll be painting them white but you'll be able to repaint them any color you choose or keep them white.  I would suggest that you use a semi-gloss or gloss paint for the best durability.

The past few days here in sunny Florida have been perfect days to take the pets out to play in the park or to the beach.  Unfortunately that's about to change again!

Showers are supposed to be starting around 8:00PM tonight and continue into the night.  I'd love it if the showers always came overnight and the days stayed bright with sunshine.

At least we will be warmer than those of you in the northern states.  On a cold day we can still sit outside with our Margarita's with a sweater on!

Enjoy your day,



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