Creating the new store

Originally I had Shirley's Workshop's online shop with another provider.  The other provider didn't offer many perks and was awkward to work with.  Everyone has kept me very busy in my Etsy shop ( and I wanted to offer a direct presence besides my Etsy shop.

Many people have been telling me about their experience with Shopify so I have been navigating around it, reading their blog and forum posts.  Through this, I have learned quite a bit from them and made the decision it was time to make the switch.

I probably could have taken the information I learned from Shopify and apply it to my shop with the other provider but that wouldn't be fair.  I'll give my business to the one who deserves it and Shopify seems to be the best of the best at a competitive price.

I'm learning how to build the site from other experienced shop owners and Shopify gurusus.

As I build Shirley's Workshop on Shopify I am having fun.  They have simplied a task that gave me such a headache the first time.  I look forward to logging on each day and filling in some blanks to create a site that you will be able to navigate around easily and find the perfect item for yourself, friends, family, co-worker, spouse....

If any of you are using Shopify and want to share some helpful hints I would appreciate the input.

Thank you,


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