First Post

Many of you know that I have a small boutique in Cape Coral Florida.  The store's name is, "Our Perfect Pantry."  Most of the items in Shirley's Workshop are also displayed in Our Perfect Pantry.  I invite you to come visit me at the shop whenever you are in the area.

Today has been a very cold and windy day for Florida.  I know, you northerners are facing blizzard conditions and are playing your mini violin for me right now.  That's alright but I'm still cold!

The shop is rather quiet today so I decided to take on the task of moving my website from Indie made to Shopify.  I'm having a lot of fun navigating around in Shopify and am looking forward to a harmonious relationship with them.

I chose the picture of the table for today's post because it also signifies a new beginning.  It is one of the first projects I ever made.  I had some help from Jesse (my Husband)  but I did the majority of it.

The table's base is made from solid birch wood and the top is a white melamine finish with more birch adorning the edge.  The table is at mom's house.  We delivered it to her when we moved to Florida over 10 years ago.

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